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2014 Has Been Another Amazing Year for Dr. Dunphy in the Corporate Training World 
With a very successful 2013 completed, Dr. Dunphy has been booking dozens of programs for 2014.  Business customers have been in touch to set up leadership training for managers, training for sales professionals, keynotes for national sales meetings and special sessions to help teams engage their 2014-15 goals.  Dr. Dunphy has established himself as a leader in management development training and personal development training in the corporate world for the last 17 years.  Customers like Dfine, NovoNordisk, Questcor, Eagle Precision Products, Kenan Advantage Group, Disney, Cardinal Health, Allergan, Bristol-Myers-Squibb,  and many others across America have engaged Dr. Dunphy repeatedly due to the quality and effectiveness of his programs.   If you are interested in discussing your training needs with Dr. Dunphy, please contact him directly at 330-730-7221 or by email at

Dr. Dunphy Serving as the Professional Speaking Coach for Pittsburg Steeler Kelvin Beachum 
With 17 years of highly successful professional speaking including over 500 training, keynote and facilitation programs completed, Dr. Dunphy provides clients with speaker coaching that is unparalleled in the business.  Pittsburgh Steeler tackle, Kelvin Beachum, a graduate of SMU and a former Mustang, has built a solid career in the NFL and is seeking to use his high profile status to make a difference in the lives of young people by providing top-notch professional speaking programs that are transformational. Mr. Beachum is engaged in professional training with Dr. Dunphy to learn how to optimize his program design, platform skills, messaging, interactive dynamics and effectiveness. The results to date have been outstanding, and Mr. Beachum will be providing unique and powerful programs to the TRIO and college market in 2015.  To engage Dr. Dunphy about professional speaking training, please contact him directly at 330-730-7221 or by email at

Strategic Partnership with Perceptum Group
In 2012, Dr. Dunphy established a strategic alliance with the Perceptum Group, a consulting firm located in San Francisco, CA.  Perceptum has 20 years of experience in the pharma, spinal, orthopedic and biotech industries.  Dr. Dunphy will be providing expertise in management development training to Perceptum as part of the alliance. Together, Dr. Dunphy and Perceptum have developed a Professional Leadership V model (rooted in traditional Situational Leadership) which combines the best from classical models with emotional intelligence, conflict management and professional coaching tactics buiilt into the leadership styles.  The program has received outstanding reviews from corpoate sales managers who are using the Professional Leadership V system and seeing transformational results.  Contact Dr. Dunphy at 330-730-7221 or by email at for more information.

Dr. Dunphy Facilitates Strategic Planning Summit for the Society for Hazardous Chemical Communications (SCHC) in Baltimore 2013
The SCHC is a group of highly committed chemical hazard professionals who provide basic and high-level training to chemical hazard professionals across a wide spectrum of industries.  The SCHC Board of Directors and senior Committee Chairs met in Baltimore to participate in a 2-day strategic planning summit to help set the course for the organization for the next several years.  Dr. Dunphy was hired to serve as a professional facilitator for the group, helping them address issues critical to the organization.  The 2-day summit was very successful as the leaders present were able to use their time effectively, make some very important strategic decisions and spend time together networking and enjoying camaraderie. Dr. Dunphy is a highly skilled facilitator.  If your group would like to engage Dr. Dunphy to facilitate a strategic planning meeting, a retreat or other gathering, please contact him at 330-730-7221 or by email at