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Training Programs


Dr. Mike Dunphy has done over 400 customized keynotes, training programs and event closing sessions for large and small companies throughout the United States, Canada and Central America. Dr. Dunphy’s programs are always designed to include practical take-away actionables for implementation in the field. All programs include a motivational element, interactive learning, a focus on ROI and messages related to the current needs of the audience. Dr. Dunphy does not do “canned” presentations. He consults with clients to capture the core issues of concern, training skills that need enhanced and deliverables that are tangible and can be implemented for enhanced sales, profits and professional development of all involved. Here are some examples of programs:

1. Bookends
    Dr. Dunphy can open or close a point of action meeting (POA),  a regional or national sales meeting, an in-house training program or other venues with customized sessions (typically 1-2 hours) to provide powerful frame-up or effective closing sessions to help a group gel what they have learned and move to the implementation with confidence and enthusiasm.
2. Skill Training
    Dr. Dunphy can provide skill training (2hrs to full-day) for staff, sales professionals or managers. These sessions are customized to match the culture, esoterics and current climate of the group involved. Available training programs are listed later in this document.
3. Keynotes
    Dr. Dunphy can deliver powerful opening keynotes that will get your group fired-up, tuned-in and ready to engage challenge. These keynotes are usually 45-90 minutes in length, designed for large or small audiences and involve a combination of multi-media, interactive audience engagement and unique messaging that integrates company messages with timeless motivational, developmental and professional constructs. These keynotes are filled with action, humor and meaningful messages for professionals.
Example Keynote:
Living and Leading as Champions
This program is a customized, interactive and motivational learning experience (keynote/training session) focused on helping professionals (sales representatives, staff members, managers) engage business opportunity regardless of internal and external obstacles. Participants will learn practical tools to help them stay in “champion mode” versus “victim mode” and they will clearly see the power they have to control their attitude, habits and skills for optimal business performance. Depending upon the format selected for the presentation, Dr. Dunphy will facilitate a strategic combination of presentation, discussion, interactive exercises, powerful visuals, practical applications of tools provided and metaphors, anecdotes and sharing of best practices to inspire participants to raise the bar in their performance. This program is particularly well suited for sales professionals expected to continuously perform at a high level in a competitive market environment.
Format Options:
1. One hour keynote
2. Two hour training session/keynote
3. Three hour training session
4. Half-day or full-day training sessions
Key Elements of the Program:
1. Use of simple tools for continuous daily self-motivation
2. A focus on the power of little changes that have great impact on both motivation and strategic performance as a business professional
3. Habits of Excellence that enable us to outperform competition
4. Basic principles of work-life harmony to optimize performance energy daily
5. Personal leadership as a way of life
6. Use of semi-quantitative tools to measure skills and capabilities regularly
Dr. Dunphy has presented customized versions of this program throughout the United States, Canada and Central America for the past 12 years with amazing success. Your employees will leave this program feeling empowered to perform, not only because they have been refocused with a strong motivational experience, but also because they will have learned practical tools they can use immediately to help them every day in the field.
Here is a sample list of some of our very satisfied customers:
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Walt Disney Companies                    
The Medicines Company         
CVS Caremark
Kenan Advantage Group                                              
Bank of America                     
Guardian Insurance                  
Siemens Diagnostics
TAP (Takeda) Pharmaceuticals         
Proctor & Gamble
Smithers Group
Training Programs Available
The training programs listed below are all customized to fit the culture and market dynamics of the company involved. These programs are focused on practical applications of the content taught so that participants leave the program not only more informed about the subject matter involved, but also with immediately useful tactics for application in the field. These programs are all facilitated with interactive dynamics grounded in the most current best practices in adult education for professionals expected to perform at a high level in the competitive marketplace. These programs can be delivered in 75, 90, and 120 minute learning sessions or in half-day or full-day programs.
1.  Work-Life Harmony for Professionals
     One of the hottest topics in the professional work environment today is work-life harmony. The fact is that employees at all levels of any company will be more productive and happier at work if they can create and execute a viable work-life harmony plan. This session is focused on practical tools to enable busy professionals to measure, analyze and adjust personal factors related to realistic work-life harmony (WLH). To be successful in the modern competitive corporate environment and to simultaneously enjoy a meaningful family life and real down-time, requires discipline, planning and a commitment to creating and sustaining your individual balance. Prepared and executed properly, a personalized WLH plan will decrease stress, increase thinking time, optimize quality of life and ultimately increase creativity and productivity in your profession. During this session, you will do an analysis of your current WLH radar screen, you will learn how to apply 5 practical tactics for increasing efficiency in time usage and multi-tasking and you will generate a personal WLH plan with 1-3 actionables for post-session implementation. This session will be lively, interactive and practical.
2.  Conflict Management for Professionals
     Regardless of the nature of the business being done, effective conflict management is a vital aspect of a professional work environment. Professional conflict management involves two dynamics: (A) minimizing unproductive and un-necessary conflict induced by lack of awareness, poor habits, poor communication, low emotional intelligence and inconsistency and (B) facilitating necessary conflict (induced by change, growth, and challenge) toward productive outcomes. This program focuses on both dynamics, providing participants with specific practical tools to both minimize or eliminate the induction of unproductive and energy-draining conflict and also training participants to use the five Thomas-Kilmann conflict modes strategically to optimize the resolution of necessary conflict.
3.  Effective Management of Teams
     Teams (formal, virtual or otherwise) have become a common structure  within modern business. However, for most managers, building and managing an effective and productive team can be daunting, especially over time as team composition and market demands may change. This program provides practical training for managers on the fundamentals of effective team management. This program includes specific practical tactics regarding how to make team meetings enjoyable and productive, how to identify the talents of team members and help them use those talents productively for the team, how to provide meaningful feedback to team members, how to use Pat Lencioni’s 5-tiered model of team functionality and how to increase team communication for optimal conflict management and tactical productivity.
4.  Strategic Communication Skills for Professionals
     Effective communication skills are core to good business practices at all levels from customer service to team execution to employee performance evaluations and more. Professional communication skills are polished and strategic, involving a deeper understanding of both verbal and non-verbal forms of communication. This program provides training in specific practical communication tactics and may include a greater awareness of one’s own body language signals and clusters of signals others send, greeting strategies, words that create automatic negative or positive internal response, how to use email effectively, how to productively provide critical feedback, how to listen effectively, how to properly provide awards, rewards, recognition, compensation and discipline (ARRCD) and how they are different and used strategically, how to say no and feel good about it, and many others. The content varies with the program length and the composition of the audience. Participants will leave the program with numerous practical skills to implement and refine, all of which will substantially enhance their confidence and effectiveness as a professional communicator.
5.  How to Plan and Execute Amazing Meetings
     Well planned and executed professional business meetings are the heart and soul of effective team management, strategic analysis of business strategies and building of camaraderie. Unfortunately, the word “meeting” has almost become synonymous with boredom and waste of time in the modern corporate environment. Most employees do not like meetings and when polled, will indicate that most meetings they attend are unproductive or poorly managed. This is unacceptable as professionals meetings should energize employees and help them increase creativity and productivity. This learning experience will provide managers with practical tactics to plan and execute meetings that are not only productive for everyone involved, but also energizing and enjoyable. Specific details regarding pre-meeting planning, meeting execution and post-meeting follow-up will be presented with a focus on using meetings to generate new tactics to drive business and to create strong bonds between team members.
6.  Practical Emotional Intelligence for Professionals
     Current research validates that the ability to apply emotional intelligence effectively in the professional work environment enhances employee satisfaction, improves employee/manager relationships, improves customer relationships and helps minimize unproductive conflict. This all translates into greater work environment harmony, customer loyalty, employee retention and increased productivity. The key is not simply to understand what emotional intelligence is, but to learn how to apply good emotional intelligence tactics daily. This program is all about learning practical EI habits grounded in communication tactics (verbal and non-verbal) and awareness of subtleties of deportment, timing and sequencing.  Participants will leave this program with specific new tactics to practice immediately and with resources for ongoing improvement.
7.  Leadership Fundamentals for Professional Managers
     One of the fundamental problems in modern business is that leadership is perceived as the same as managing. The fact is that people in management roles need to exhibit both management and leadership qualities and people in leadership roles need to be able to manage as well. Leadership transcends management and focuses on vision, mission and strategic guidance to embrace the core purpose of a business. Managing is focused on the practical aspects of execution of the business plan at the grass-roots level. Both are critical and yet very different in scope. This program will provide practical training for managers to enhance their ability to also serve as leaders while they manage.