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Customized Keynote Presentations

Opening Keynotes to Help Professionals Engage Opportunity
Dr. Dunphy is able to create customized keynote presentations to meet professional needs for any event.  Most often, corporate clients use Dr. Dunphy's talents to open a regional or national meeting with a powerful presentation customized for the current circumstances of the business.  These opening keynotes are always high energy, interactive, thematically focused and designed to help the audience engage training, opportunity and high performance.

Examples of Keynote Presentations Done in the Last Year:

Living and Leading as Champions in Life!
This highly motivational presentation focuses on the practical tools that will help professionals in a sales organization create and sustain a "Champion" attitude about customers, selling, using resources, product knowledge, mining for new opportunities and dealing with the constant challenges of a competitive market.  This program is customized for company culture, situation (product launch, aquisition, transitions, new competition, etc...) and is built from Dr. Dunphy's extensive experience working with sales professionals and their managers for the past 15 years.  Participants will leave the presentation energized, re-focused and with a recharged desire to engage opportunity and be successful regardless of past challenges.

The Real Secrets to Ongoing Success!
Every business professional wants to be successful.  This powerful and highly interactive keynote focuses on three timeless and critical points about creating and sustaining ongoing success regardless of obstacles encountered.  Dr. Dunphy creates an amazing experience for the audience with powerful visuals, humorous and lively discussion and his uniquely engaging tactics during his programs.  Rooted in ancient martial principles, this program combines timeless tactics as specific solutions to the challenges faced by business professionals today.  Dr. Dunphy researches the needs of the audience relative to their business challenges and then customizes the content of this presentation to provide potential solutions for practical implementation in the field.  This lively program is very effective and in demand.

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