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Dr. Dunphy has been offering outstanding leadership programs for college students since 2001.  These programs are designed with the best content available in core leadership skills and training to develop behaviors consistent with effective leadership.  When students complete these programs, they will have learned new ways of thinking about themselves as leaders, new skills that they can apply as lifelong leaders and they will gain insights into the best practices used by leaders in companies and organizations right now throughout the world.  Dr. Dunphy has trained corporate leaders in over 100 companies across America (and in 4 other countries) for the past 15 years.  Dr. Dunphy brings a wealth of experience and skill to his programs which can only be provided by professionals, like himself, who have actually been in the field and training leaders and serving as a leader.  Dr. Dunphy is also a Professor of Biochemistry at Walsh University and has served as a Division Chair, managing 17 faculty daily, since 1990.  Dr. Dunphy is skilled in Situational Leadership, Conflict Management Tactics, Practical Emotional Intelligence, Running Amazing Meetings, Organizing Events, Providing Professional Feedback and Influencing Without Authority.  Dr. Dunphy's College Leadership Programs are listed below

Situational Leadership for College Leaders
Conflict Management
Practical Emotional Intelligence
How to Run an Amazing Meeting
Organizing Successful Events
Influencing Without Authority
Leadership 101:  The Real Basics